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Sistah Code 3.16: I Will Not Become Overwhelmed.

Happy Wednesday sistah! I pray this week is going smooth for you and every challenge you face within it is handled with ease.

As women we have a tendency to overwhelm ourselves (me included chile) with any if not everything we do. One thing about us though, once we acknowledge something and the affect it has on us, we can change it if we choose to. For me I had to learn to prioritize what I needed to do vs. what I wanted to do for the best results in all areas.

Overwhelm- Defeat completely.

Let's see I'm a full-time student that has learned to enjoy school and gain as much as I can from it, instead of just breezing through, meaning I'm taking it seriously this go round sis. I'm a column editor for the Sentinel which is our school's newspaper and a full-time entrepreneur with 2 separate brands, myself being one of them. Within that I've gotten better but I'm still learning to manage the individual needs of each brand so they will be successful. This including "The Sistah Hood Decoded " series on our YouTube channel and Podcast platforms. I mean talk about overwhelming, I didn't even mention I have to eat, sleep, hell shower. LOL but no seriously.

The way I've learned and adjusted to prioritizing many important tasks is by first breathing, literally. A few deep breaths will clear your mind before you take on anything. I also have a physical and digital planner in case I forget or misplace mine. By looking at my schedule, due dates and business task, I then begin to list them out from top to bottom and separate them by days. In the midst of this if I have something that can easily be completed before hand, it's made a top priority.

Whether we have a busy schedule or a light one. Let's vow to not overwhelm ourselves sistah girl. We are humans, who need rest, exercise, care and much more to function properly. Making a list of task and separating them by day can