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Make Your Vision Visible!

Hey Girl Hey!

I know it has been a while since I've blogged and to be honest this isn't my official return. I decide to take some necessary time to put some things in place for myself and my career. I would be lying if I said I haven't missed my sistah though.

During my little "break" I decided to make one of my visions visible and it's blossomed into what I call The Sistah-Hood Gathering, happening this Sunday July 24, 2022, in my hometown of Columbus Ga. I'm so blessed and excited to have SOLD OUT of this gathering in just 3 weeks from my ticket launch on June 1st.

If you are one of the attendees, I can't wait to see you there. I can feel it now how this room will be filled with genuine connections and impact. If you couldn't make it to this one, no worries I'm preparing to take this gathering on the road. There are so many women who can connect on different levels once we truly evaluate who we are as individuals and understand that we are always better together.

Season 2 of The Sistah-Hood Decoded will be dropping soon so make sure you're subscribed! I've also been making changes to my strength coaching that will officially launch in August. I'm just overly excited for what's to come with each area of my brand and it includes you! Thank you for all of your support and dedication to my journey.

Until next time.

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