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To create a successful culture of motivation, mentorship and entertainment while helping others realize their true strength and beauty.



Jaira B. is an Army veteran, entrepreneur, author, strength coach and podcaster based in Atlanta, GA. She is a multifaceted talent with aspirations of using her platforms to share positivity and encouragement with women all over the world. As an entrepreneur, Jaira has created "Pretty Mink'd Out" a standalone beauty brand. Her infusion of trendy lash styles, a "quality versus quantity" mindset, and her inspiring messages keep her signature lashes and beauty products flying off of digital shelves.


Along with her extensive military background and experience, Jaira has dedicated her efforts to serve her "Sistah-Hood" as an advocate for embracing inner beauty and finding your strength from within. In addition to continually demonstrating how to make your visions visible, Jaira drives a culture of visionary leadership by example.

The future looks bright for Jaira B. Williams. Those who have the pleasure of experiencing Jaira B. and what she offers the world will definitely leave her presence with inspiration, strength, laughs, and lashes!

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