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Sistah Code 2.8: I Will Support Those Who Support Me

Hey Girl Hey! Happy Wednesday!

Since we won't talk before the big Valentine's Day, what are your plans? Will it be a self-care day, date with your sistahs, significant other or we just chillin? Well, whichever it is enjoy yourself and don't dwell on what's not but what is and that's the love you have for yourself every day! I personally don't have any plans and I' ok with that, I'll enjoy seeing everyone else enjoy themselves lol.

On that note today let's talk support. In the world we're living in not just the city, support is not always waiting at your front door. I've learned that no matter who supports you continue doing your best, believing in you and in your vision that only you can see. Everyone won't always see the bigger picture because it was never theirs to begin with.

Supporting those that support you is always important as well. That doesn't mean just the people that shop with you if you're a business owner, but the ones that assist you, check in with you, fill your cup back up when it may be low. My brand ambassadors for Pretty Mink'd Out have consisted of friends and family and I'm so thankful for all of their efforts to see me win. My current ambassadors are my cousin and God sister, those are the beautiful faces you see on the photo and on my webpages. I appreciate them beyond words because they are always there or make themselves available to assist me for just about anything with nothing asked in return.

They may not know but they are a reason for my continued drive. When you surround yourself with people who genuinely want you to win, it pushes you to never quit. I shared that to say no matter where life takes you, never forget those who have supported you effortlessly.

Just as you support this blog every week, I will always support and root for you as well my sistah!

I pray your week is filled with fullness in all the areas you desire. Be blessed and be a blessing.

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