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Sistah Code 1.6: My Peace is Everything

OMGGGGGGG! Happy New Year my sistah! I know you're probably thinking "girl where have you been? It's February and it's not even Wednesday." I know, I know but I hope you've missed me as much as I've missed you! I wanted to start fresh on this first day of the month to see how you've been. I pray this year has given you all you desire thus far.

So, what's been up? Have you been knocking out your goals? or is this your fresh start today? Whichever it is, don't lose sight of what you want sis! So, since it's been a while and its now 2022, let's talk about maintaining and keeping our peace a priority.

Peace: freedom from disturbance; tranquility.


I know a lot of times we speak of peace and protecting our peace of mind, but how many times has someone tried to disturb it? Over the last few months, I've chosen to make my peace a priority. I recently realized when faced with a challenge that I made the best decision by choosing to live my life without disturbance. The obstacles we face on our journeys can become a lot for us mentally and physically and at some point, we have to make the decision of picking us before anyone or anything else.

Life has a way of showing us all the things we need to know; it literally plants it right in our faces and we have to choose to accept it or ignore it! One thing you can't ignore are your feelings and the energy you place yourself around. My peace means more to me than toxic relationships and meaningless arguments, hell life means more.

As I reflect on my path, I choose too always see the lesson in every chapter of my life and sometimes when you choose yourself and your peace first be prepared for the change that will come. As we grow in this life and more in our purpose, the life we knew slowly fades away to prepare us for bigger and better.

This may be an awkward example but personally experiencing so many deaths firsthand in my life has taught me that although it's unfortunate, people and things are only temporary. We have to enjoy the experience of others while we have them and apprec