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Sistah Code 7.5: I Will Accomplish My Goals

Hey my beautiful sistahs! *Starts singing* "It's the first of the month, get up, get up."

Happy December 1st! I’m smiling hard right now because I ‘ve missed you ladies as if I can see your faces. I wanted to blog last week before the holiday but I said to myself “naw I’ll let them prepare for Thanksgiving."

Speaking of thanksgiving how was yours? Mines was pretty relaxing and I enjoyed getting in the kitchen with family and preparing some good food. Growing up my grandma always taught me to give thanks every day and not just once a year. I realized the older we get some traditions change and we begin to create new ones for ourselves.

For me it's things like cooking your own food at home just so your house has food or hosting thanksgiving, just to make sure you keep the family tight.

As we prepare to go into this new month and this new season, I want us to reflect on what we're thankful for. Before '2022 ask yourself, what are 22 things you are thankful for? Now there is no rush but I want you to really meditate on this question.

I'll start with one thing I'm thankful for and that's my mink eyelash brand Pretty Mink'd Out Collection. Why my business you may wonder? It's not because of money or just wanting to sell something, it's because this brand changed me in so many ways, it developed me into an entrepreneur, help me understand my mind, value, passion and guided me on my path of purpose.

Pretty Mink'd Out just isn't a luxury eyelash brand, it's an experience! When I was given the vision and idea for this brand, I was at one of my lowest points in my life and was about to embark on a journey of realization, faith and growth.

Everything about this brand was to remind me of who I was, my abilities and my strength. I built PMO for every woman who may need that daily boost of energy and peace, that reminder of who they are. Every time I see anything PMO, I see the pain, tears, truth, passion and growth which motivates me to never give up on my dreams.

When God grants us a vision/feeling, whether we do it now or later we must act on it. I'm thankful I didn't talk myself out of pursuing a piece of me that will lead to much greater later.

I'm also thankful for you ladies, just for taking the time out to be a part of the Sistah-Hood and reading my rants, this brand is for us! The Pretty Mink'd Out Brand represents a collective of pretty women who shine from the inside out and the products we love. By seeking to empower, Pretty Mink'd Out aims to inspire beyond the eye of beauty. This BOLD brand evokes a sense of empowerment while inspiring self-love and living unapologetically free.

Visit Pretty Mink'd Out to catch the extended BF specials!

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