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Sistah Code 3.30: I Will Embrace My Feminine Energy

Hey Sistah Girl! I pray your week is going smooth and stress free. Don't forget to put yourself on the top of your to do list girl, ok.

Dominant (adjective)- most important, powerful, or influential.

Lately I've heard the word "dominant" being thrown around so loosely and in a negative light when it's in reference to women. Like I've literally experienced this in my own personal life. I feel as though some (not all) men have placed in their minds that we are their competition.

I know the ways of the world are changing and I feel as though us as women have learned that we want more out of life than to depend on the hand of someone else. Of course, we want support, love and comfort but we are out here putting in work to live out our dreams as well.

For example, I grew up in a 2-parent household until I was eleven and my mom passed away. I may not know the hard facts, but I know my mom had a skill and my dad invested in her, I know at one point he was making all the income and at another she was, hell at one point nobody was, and they were figuring it out, but my mom had a level of respect and love for my dad and I believe vice versa.

It's like these days' men feel women aren't staying in their "place" and I'm still trying to figure out where that designated place is located. In my opinion why can't we as women, be fearless leaders, dominate our lanes, build a family, be supportive of our significant other and receive the same in return? It almost sound too much like right, or am I tripping?

True enough this isn't every male but it's certain ones I believe feel a woman who is a leader is to masculine. Honestly though sis, I believe that when a man is strong and confident in who he already is or becoming, he would admire the woman he has and also, she will feel safe and secure in him and be able to express her highest femineity with that person. Now if I'm wrong girl let me know, but that's just how I see it.

I don't believe we should have to be a mute in order for a man to feel masculine. I know with relationships, friendships and even work relationships this becomes a challenge for women in leadership roles often because some men just want you to "listen and obey". LOL I used that example because a male in the military actually told me that before when he was wrong and I was right and we were of the same rank chile, but anyway.

I truthfully have no issue with learning, listening or taking note from a male, but I've come to the realization they won't feel the same way when it comes to us. As I'm growing more into my true self each day and really diving deep into my femineity, I now know that it is ok to be successful, it's ok to want more and it's ok to seek a significant other who values and respects me the same way I would value and respect him.

In the past when I did some self-reflecting, I realized my femininity had been on 1/2 tank. I was raised around women, but my dad had a big influence on my life, then I joined the military and came up in the ranks as a leader, on top of being able to take care of myself, it almost seemed as if I completely lost all my feminine energy.

Once I noticed it, I started doing things that would open a softer side of me and I value that. Some things I recommend is to

  • Treat yourself (Pampering, shopping, lunch, nice dinner)

  • Do activities that spark your creativity

  • Spend time with other women (Sistah-Hood)

  • Exercise (When you feel good you look good)

  • Most importantly be kind to yourself, don't let the opinion of others make you feel lesser than or that your incapable of being a woman.

We are beautiful leaders, natural nurturers and fearless. When the timing is right God will place the person who can handle you in all of your elements and that in itself will increase your feminine energy.

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Mar 30, 2022

Thanks Kris! Lol and ok good because if I was wrong sis let me know so I can re evaluate some things. They definitely were and I always respected that 🧡


Kris Heath
Kris Heath
Mar 30, 2022

Love this! It is so important for every woman to embrace her feminine side & that may look different for each woman but that energy is there. When you said If a man is truly confident in who he is or becoming, he will admire his woman and give her the strength she needs to feel secure in her feminine energy lol you ain’t say nothing wrong! Your mom & dad were a perfect example of “making it work.”

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