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Sistah Code 3.30: I Will Embrace My Feminine Energy

Hey Sistah Girl! I pray your week is going smooth and stress free. Don't forget to put yourself on the top of your to do list girl, ok.

Dominant (adjective)- most important, powerful, or influential.

Lately I've heard the word "dominant" being thrown around so loosely and in a negative light when it's in reference to women. Like I've literally experienced this in my own personal life. I feel as though some (not all) men have placed in their minds that we are their competition.

I know the ways of the world are changing and I feel as though us as women have learned that we want more out of life than to depend on the hand of someone else. Of course, we want support, love and comfort but we are out here putting in work to live out our dreams as well.

For example, I grew up in a 2-parent household until I was eleven and my mom passed away. I may not know the hard facts, but I know my mom had a skill and my dad invested in her, I know at one point he was making all the income and at another she was, hell at one point nobody was, and they were figuring it out, but my mom had a level of respect and love for my dad and I believe vice versa.

It's like these days' men feel women aren't staying in their "place" and I'm still trying to figure out where that designated place is located. In my opinion why can't we as women, be fearless leaders, dominate our lanes, build a family, be supportive of our significant other and receive the same in return? It almost sound too much like right, or am I tripping?