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Sistah Code 2.9: I Will Remember How Far I've Come

Have you ever accomplished something like a goal or task and you immediately move on to the next thing on your to do list without celebrating yourself? Not as if you weren't proud but you just know you can do better? I know I have done this many times. I would set goals for myself big and small, I would be so happy once I finally accomplish them and then BOOM on to the next thing. I would always critique every little thing I did and could have done better.

Now I know I can't be the only one, right? I feel like we have dreams and we get so caught up in fulfilling them that when they start to happen for us all we do is dream bigger. Now sis there is nothing wrong with dreaming big, but it's important we stop and recognize how far we've really come.

I remember when I was in high school my English teacher loved a writing assignment I did, she talked about how creative and detailed it was and that made me so happy. I was happy because I knew I loved to just write but I didn't think it was major for anyone else. In school I didn't participate in many activities or knew what my "thing" was but I knew I could express my thoughts through writing. That moment with my teacher sticks with me because I realized this may be my "thing". Once I got home I told my dad I wanted to write a book one day, I didn't know about what or when but I knew I would.

Fast-forward to October '2016 I begin writing what was then call "Strength of a Woman", now I didn't focus or actually take my writing serious until '2018. I endured so much within those two years with love, my military career and just life chile, whew! It was ok though, that time was needed because once the moment came where God saw fit I realized I was my own story of strength and that's where the passion and dedication came from to live in my truth and share it with others.

August 4, 2019 was my 27th birthday and also my book signing for the "The Story of Strength" that day was emotional because I knew the journey I had been on, I knew the pain I relived in my writing, I realized what once was a dream was then my reality. I'm a self published author with a book on Amazon, I mean like wow what can't we do? Every tear was worth every word and that's a feeling of fulfilment I remind myself to celebrate.

No matter how far down the road your dreams may seem, look at where you are now, celebrate every moment and appreciate how far you've come. The journey we take in life isn't easy but always have faith that in the end, it's worth it.

Learn more about my Story of Strength.

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