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Sistah Code 2.14: I Can & Will Make My Visions Visible

Happy Wednesday Sistahs! I can't believe I've been this consistent with my blogs lol, it excites me every week to share some mid week strength, encouragement and just talk with you all.

I Can and Will Make My Visions Visible is now one of my favorite affirmations. I created the quote "Make Your Visions Visible" in '2018 during my "realization season" you know that season where you bump your head and lose focus but then realize who TF you are? Yes that one!

So, in that season I started Pretty Mink'd Out my luxury eyelash brand, revisited my passion for writing and just soaked in the TRUTH of who I was. Mysteriously I started having thoughts and visions of how every detail of my business and what would become my first book. The names of my products and the meaning behind everything was all of a divine purpose, and I wanted to share it but for some reason I couldn't quite explain it to anyway, it was just a deep feeling.

June 8, 2018 my first package of inventory arrived, I was happy, scared and nervous to open it, that I just stared at the box all day. I was doubting myself is what I was doing, doubting my visions and what I had been creating for weeks, until I finally opened it. I realized that it was everything I'd imagined it would be, every single detail.

When I had the opportunity to show everyone what I had been working on it clicked, I had made my visions visible for others to see. It wasn't just a moment anymore but it became a lifestyle.

God has a way of showing us something before it even happens. It's not just a fantasy it's a clear vision of what can be and what will be when you pray and pursue. No that's been almost four years ago and I can only thank God that Pretty Mink'd Out is still growing.

I want you to think about the visions you have for your life, your home, family even a vacation. Write them down and pray about it, when the time is right you will feel it and pursue them. No one is going to understand your thoughts or your path, just remember no matter the detours keep your focus and "Make Your Visions Visible." -Jaira B.

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Chandra Brown
Chandra Brown
17. Nov. 2021

I love this Jaira!

Gefällt mir
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