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Sistah Code 11.7: I Will Heal, Evolve, and Rebrand.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending 2 great events in my hometown of Columbus, Ga. I attended a fashion show hosted by one of the most creative women I know, my stylist and friend Taylor Alexander. On top of the creativity and beauty in the room it was so magical and motivating to see what passion, hard work and dedication creates. It was the definition of Black Magic!

The next event was the HERPASSION women's workshop. Let me just tell you, if you can just stop for a second and imagine what it's like to be in a room of women who are open, honest and most importantly vulnerable enough to share their stories, it was a great space to be in. The event gave everyone a chance to think, appreciate and reflect. We (I) cried lol, we laughed and most importantly connected.

Let me not stall anymore with the goods I was also a GUEST SPEAKER this weekend, for the first time of many. I was able to share my take on Strength with my story of strength. The topic of the event was to heal, evolve and rebrand. I shared when my healing journey truly began and how we have to acknowledge, accept and face ourselves head on in our TRUTH in order to truly evolve.

God made us all fearfully and wonderfully and we hold the key to our Rebrand. The moment I begin to heal, I evolved and although the challenges never stop coming, the healing may never end. I continue to grow more and more into who I was created to be, I evolve and thrive in my true self and the real rebrand will show in the plans God has prepared for me. This weekend taught me to continue to face the person in the mirror, acknowledge who I am, my pain and accept who I am becoming, the journey I have gone through while I continue to grow and heal daily. It taught me to keep pushing forward in doing what I love, following my heart and discovering my passion.

I want to share something I find effective in my journey and hopefully can assist in yours. In my book The Story of Strength I wrote a letter to myself in each chapter, it's a way for me to speak from my inner self and move forward effectively in order to heal efficiently. Take some time to yourself, maybe before bed and try the activity below.