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Sistah Code 1.5: I Am Proof of What is Possible.

Hey Sistah Girl and Happy Wednesday! I pray your week is going smooth. Don't forget to take a chance on things that feel right for you, ok.

Ya girl received another opportunity to speak to some amazing women. MEVA is Atlanta's only mobile event venue. They hosted their second mobile networking event and I'm thankful I was able to be a part of it. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm being invited to do one of the things I desired most.

Today I want you to take a moment to think back to a time where you didn't believe you would make it past that said moment, now I want you to think about after you made it through. I remember the exact moment I didn't believe in myself even if it was just for a second.

When I was in the third grade, I remember being at recess and we were playing kickball. Our teams were tied, and it was my turn to kick. So, I was ready, and I walked on the field excited because it was finally my turn to go. Not realizing I only had one chance for us to win the game, the ball was coming my way and I missed my kick chile. LOL

I'm laughing at it now because I can't believe from that one moment with my team being upset with me and not talking to me, that I never wanted to play a sport or participate with anything that took a team. I always look back and say it was just a game and we were kids, but that one moment made me afraid to do anything else. I was afraid to lose or fail. Chile they were even mad after school and I had to walk home by myself; I mean the nerve.

I shared that because I think about all the opportunities I've allowed myself to miss because of fear of disappointing my team or anyone for that matter. I had to understand that I could do anything and I may not be the best at everything but I won't know how great I can be if I don't try.

As I grow, I always like to look back at that story because it reminds me how I won't allow the disappointments of my past, affect the opportunities presented to me now and neither should you sis.

I allowed one moment to dictate most of my life and I vow to not place myself in thoughts that will detour me from an opportunity to be better. All of the stories from our past we could think of together girl would probably have us feeling as though we weren't going to make it to see better, but look at us now.

Say this with me:

  • I will accept every opportunity I feel is right for me.

  • I will not allow negative actions or thoughts to detour me from becoming greater.

  • I am proof of what is possible!

You better believe it girl!

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