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Sistah Code 1.4: I Am Wealthy, Rich, and Always Prospering

During the process of creating "The Sistah-Hood " I had the pleasure to engage in conversation with some dope females from my hometown of Columbus, Ga. I was nervous and excited because this was representing me, my beautiful guest and the introduction to my YouTube channel. I'm proud to say that I've received great support and feedback from my first video and of course my first guest is amazing!

Sharena Smith is an Esthetician and the owner of Snatched Beauty, LLC located in the Columbus, Ga area. Her brand is the epitome of self care offering high quality services. During our interview we talked about our journeys, being fortunate, I even teared up a little as she shared her story with me.

Sharena expressed how she shares her affirmations with her clients and stays on top of he goals, wants and needs. One of my favorite things about our conversation is when I asked her "what comes to your mind when you think of fortune?" she replied "being fortunate". That was powerful in itself because we face so many ups and downs in life and we are more fortunate then we may realize.

Fun Fact: Each Sistah Code is an affirmation.

"I want to help women, I want to encourage them and push them to be the best them, Sharena said. I love how women are coming together to grow, learn and share our story's with one another. It's not about being in competition but genuinely wanting everyone to do good.

This Sistah-Hood version of "Red Table Talk" was what I feel every women needs in their personal and professional life. To see that you are not in this thing alone and there are people who want to see you win and pour into you as we all grow through what life has for us.

Watch the full interview on YouTube and subscribe to Learn more about Sharena Smith and Snatched Beauty LLC.

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