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Hey Sistah Girl! I pray your week has been smooth thus far and if not let’s STOP...BREATH...and TRY IT AGAIN. Remember to invest in yourself in any way you see fit, whether a mentor, coach, fitness trainer or spa subscription (you know ya girl love the spa Chile).

Today I just want to say THANK YOU and show my appreciation for you being here and sticking it out on this journey. You continuing to be here with me continues to show me why I was blessed with the vision of The Sistah-Hood, Strength Coaching, Pretty Mink’d Out and so much more.

Most times when people see what you’ve produced, they think it happened overnight, when in reality it was all a preparation strategy. I used the entire 2021 building a brand from ground up with the help of The Brandy K. When we initially met what she thought was a revamp of Pretty Mink’d Out was actually more then we both imagined.

This was a lot for the both of us not including the self-doubt and fear of starting something new I faced throughout the process. Lol she probably was SICKA ME, but I’m forever grateful for her because she stuck beside me. Honestly it doesn't matter how much we plan and prepare when God says move or stay still, we have to do just that.

The Sistah-Hood Decoded series was being built throughout 2021 and it launched towards the end; now I have completed my first season of the series. I would be lying if I said nothing changed or everything was 100% planned out and perfected. Despite anything in between I’m thankful for all my roadblocks because it’s lessons learned.

Now to show appreciation to my Sistah's, I have this dope giveaway I want to share with you!


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